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Valuev Nikolay Sergeevich

Nikolay Sergeevich

Valuev Nikolay Sergeevich

Born on August 21, 1973 in Leningrad. At school he was engaged in basketball and became the champion of the USSR among young adults. Later he was engaged in athletics and complied with the standard of the master of sports in discus throwing.

Nikolai Sergeevich started boxing at the age of 20, and spent his first fight in the professional ring on October 15, 1993 in Berlin, beating American John Morton. By the end of 2005, Valuev had 42 victories in 43 battles (one match was declared invalid).

Valuyev was the 1999 Russian boxing champion, the world champion of the Pan-Asian Boxing Association (2000), the world champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), and the interim WBA world champion.

April 2, 2010 Nikolai Sergeevich joined the party "United Russia".

In 2010, he became the founder and director of the “Charitable Development Fund children and youth sport Nikolai Valuev. He is an active public figure, engaged in the tournament "Valuev Cup" in various cities.

Married, has a son and a daughter.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • The idea that a healthy mind in a healthy body will always be relevant. Everyone should be aware of their responsibility for their own health and longevity, as well as for the health of their loved ones. Therefore, it is vital to instil in children a love for sports and an active lifestyle from an early age.
  • This requires the development of mass sports, the popularization of physical culture. In the Kemerovo region, the problem is solved by building new sports halls and stadiums, introducing the GTZO standards, holding sports days and other competitions.
  • I believe that this work should be continued and together with United Russia we will try to do everything so that every Kuzbass soldier is in good physical shape and good health.

Question answer

Nikolai Sergeevich! You are addressed to the director of the sports club "Speedway Kuzbass" Karas Yevgeny Anatolyevich. I ask you about a personal meeting about the development of "Speedway" in the Kuzbass.
Answer: Dear Eugene Anatolyevich!
The answer to the question was sent to your email.
Dear Nikolai Sergeevich.
Please tell us what relation you have to the Kemerovo region?
How did you personally defend the interests of our region in the Duma?

Dear Sergey!

Recently I have the most direct relation to the Kuzbass. I spend a lot of time in the region: I get to know the region, communicate with people, and work on creating a sports development program in Kuzbass. It all started with the wishes of Aman Gumirovich, so I worked in his team. I gladly accepted this offer and am preparing for a long and serious work in the Kemerovo region.

I have not had a chance to work in the Duma, but if the residents of Kuzbass trust me, I am ready to work in the interests of the region as part of the State Duma deputies. I am already working to find out in our country about the Kemerovo region not only as a source of coal, but also as an excellent region for tourism. Also, in order to familiarize a large audience with the industry of Kuzbass, I initiated the shooting of the series of TV programs “Men's Business”, in which it will be possible to learn the features of many working specialties represented in the region. The first episodes will be broadcast on the end of October. In addition to the above, I still have a lot of ideas aimed at promoting and developing the region.

Denis Vladimirovich Zyablov
Nikolai Sergeevich, what caused your choice of the Kemerovo Region as the beginning of your political career? Why do not you run from your native Leningrad region or St. Petersburg? Do you have any specific program for the development of sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the Kemerovo region?

Dear Denis Vladimirovich!

The fact is that my initiatives did not find the proper understanding and support in my native region. Having received the offer from Aman Gumirovich dear by me, I accepted it without hesitation. I am convinced that the result can be achieved only with the solid work of a team of like-minded professionals. Such is the team of A.Tuleev.

The priority task for myself is the development of mass sports and tourism, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. I also have ideas and initiatives in the social sphere.

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