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Shatilov Nikolay Ivanovich

Nikolay Ivanovich

Shatilov Nikolay Ivanovich

Chairman of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo Region.

Born on August 13, 1953 in the city of Tashtagol. He graduated from the mining department of the Siberian Metallurgical Institute, was first in distribution and decided to work in the militarized mine-rescue unit. For seven years, Nikolai Ivanovich worked as a commander of an operational platoon unit, a commander of an operational platoon, and a commander of a paramilitary special detachment of mine-rescue units in the Tashtagol district.

In 1987 he was appointed First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee, then worked as Chairman of the Executive Committee, Head of the Administration of Tashtagol and at the same time Chairman of the City Council of People's Deputies.

At the invitation of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region A. G. Tuleyev, from 1998 to 2001, Shatilov worked as Head of the Department for Coordination of Mining Enterprises and Recreational Activities of Mining Shoria - Representative of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region in the south of Kuzbass. Then, for two years he headed the social policy at the Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, for the next five years he worked as the director of Evrazrudy on social issues, participated in the creation of a powerful mining company with nine branches.

In 2003, Nikolai Ivanovich Shatilov was elected to the regional council 2-ho convocation. In October 2008, the Kuzbass people again entrusted him with representing their interests in the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo Region. At the first meeting, the new composition of the Council elected Nikolay Ivanovich as chairman.

He is married, raised two children - a son and a daughter, grandfather of three grandchildren.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • The country and the Kuzbass need a thoughtful, clear and perfect legislative base. Reliable laws and their observance will make our society stronger.
  • Having experience at the municipal, regional level, in large commercial structures, I will achieve it!
  • Creating the laws in force, we always follow our main principle of “United Russia”: real deeds for the benefit of people.

Question answer

Nikolai Ivanovich, is the launch of manganese production solved? Or is there still an opportunity for me and my family to live in a city that does not look like an industrial garbage bin? Say, really, our administration was not aware of this construction and why people learn about the launch as an already accomplished fact and nobody considers it necessary to ask us if we want to live next to a time bomb? or does money decide everything? !!!

Dear Galina!

Placement of metallurgical production in the city of Novokuznetsk occurred, as you know, not today, but back in the 20s of the last century and the whole life of the city of Novokuznetsk was built around large metallurgical enterprises.

Manganese production is a component part of metallurgy, the production of metal without manganese is impossible. Therefore, the decision of the owner to modernize it, expand it or create a new one is logical from the point of view of production processes. Currently, manganese is purchased abroad. Therefore, the construction of new manganese production is the economic security of Kuzbass. This is a significant reduction in cost and increased competitiveness of the Novokuznetsk metal, and, as a result, the efficiency of metallurgical enterprises, stable wages of metallurgists, new jobs, additional tax revenues to the Novokuznetsk city budget, which will be used to solve social problems of citizens.

In addition, in the Tashtagol district, the manganese deposit Selezen is being developed and a factory for the production and enrichment of manganese ore is launched. Manganese in Novokuznetsk will come from here. And in the village of Temirtau, Tashtagol district, a briquetting factory was built on the basis of a previously closed crushing and processing plant, where slag briquettes will be made from slag produced during the production of ferrosilicon manganese, which will again be sent to the production of ferroalloys. All this is the development of the Tashtagol district, new jobs for its residents, and additional taxes to the local and regional budgets.

Of course, that, being located within the city, such production had to pass the appropriate safety expertise. Such an examination in accordance with the law was carried out. Its result confirmed that the degree of environmental safety of the new production of manganese is much higher than the old blast furnace and open-hearth production.

Novokuznetsk designers and the owner, developing the project of manganese production, made a choice in favor of the most costly, but the most environmentally safe - “dry” method of gas cleaning without using water and harmful components, that is, there will be no use and, accordingly, pollution of local rivers and underground sources . That is why investments in the environmental part of the project amount to more than 1 billion rubles, which is about 50% of the cost of the entire project. Modern gas cleaning systems have been installed on the site under construction, similar to those that are successfully operating in new European plants, for example, in Sweden and Norway - countries where they are particularly sensitive to environmental issues. The authors of the project of manganese production and suppliers of gas treatment facilities guarantee a degree of purification of almost 100%, which corresponds to European standards.

However, given the large public outcry, which caused the placement of this production, the authorities of the region and the city ordered another independent international expertise, the result of which will form the basis for a final decision on this issue.

For my part, as the chairman of the regional council and a resident of Novokuznetsk, where my children and grandchildren live and will live, I organized a meeting between the general director of the Siberian Mining and Metallurgical Company, which opened the production of manganese, Mr. Polovinkin Yevgeny Ivanovich and the rector of SibGIU Mr. on Mochalov Sergey Pavlovich. On it, we agreed that university scientists on behalf of the residents of Novokuznetsk will conduct their expertise. I know that these scientists will not be cunning, since they themselves live here.

As for the deputies of the regional Council and the city Council of People's Deputies, the question of the degree of safety of manganese production in the city of Novokuznetsk is put under special control. We will constantly inform residents of the city how the problem is being solved.

Babutsky Andrey Vasilyevich
Dear Nikolai Ivanovich, help solve the controversial situation around the 58th law of the Kemerovo region "On the provision of housing concessional loans" that arose between us and the administration of Novokuznetsk.We are standing in line to receive a preferential loan for the construction of individual housing in Novokuznetsk, and we are building a house in More than 50% have already been built in Prokopyevsk. The administration of the city of Novokuznetsk refused to receive a loan, since the house is not built in the territory of Novokuznetsk, but in the 58th law not a single word is said about such a requirement. They said that only those who passed this law can resolve this situation. Many thanks in advance.

Dear Andrey Vasilyevich!

According to Article 5 of the Law, citizens who are eligible to receive a loan apply for a loan to the commission for the consideration of applications for loans and social payments created in local administrations, state bodies of the Kemerovo Region, in the manner prescribed by the Board of the Kemerovo Region

Clause 1.4 of the Decree of the Board of the Kemerovo Region Administration dated 03.03.2008 No. 72 “On Approval of the Regulations on Requirements to Borrowers, Methods and Conditions for Ensuring Return of Borrowed Funds, as well as Other Conditions for Providing a Long-Term Target Housing Loan” established that loans are used by citizens for construction or housing in the Kemerovo region, which meets the established sanitary and technical requirements and is located in the municipality where the place of residence is benefits of citizens, that is, where the citizen is registered at the place of residence.

Thus, the actions of the Administration of Novokuznetsk are legitimate.

At the same time, as the chairman of the regional Council, I will instruct the relevant committee to work through this issue. We will study the experience of other subjects of the Russian Federation in the provision of concessional loans for housing construction, as well as analyze whether there were similar appeals to the authorities from residents of other municipalities of the Kemerovo Region. After a detailed study of the issue, a decision will be made on the expediency of amending the existing regional legislation governing the legal relations on granting preferential loans.

Dear Nikolai Ivanovich! How do you feel about such unpleasant phenomena of society such as nepotism and lobbying the interests of certain commercial groups.

Dear Maria!

To such phenomena as cronyism and lobbying the interests of commercial structures in government, I am negative. Moreover, I believe that these phenomena are of the same order with corruption. Therefore, we must deal with them decisively.

In the federal and regional legislation on public service, there are bans on promotion of close relatives of officials to the authority.

I believe that we can and should further toughen these norms. But even so, it is difficult to deliver the final barrier. After all, besides relatives there are “close people”. Therefore, with the support of the regional Council this year, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a federal law that prohibited the employment of relatives of mayors in the administration of cities and districts. In this connection, constant control is important both from the deputies of all levels and from the public. And officials who allowed cronyism or lobbying must be dismissed from public service with a ban on her work at a later time.

The relationship between government bodies and commercial structures is regulated by the federal law on public procurement. All purchases are made on the basis of tenders that are held openly and publicly. Despite this, I believe that the law requires a serious adjustment.

Dear Nikolai Ivanovich, what bills are you going to promote at the federal level if you get into the State Duma? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Dear Eugene!

With the definition of bills that I will promote if I am elected to the State Duma, I have no difficulty.

I go to the polls in the team. First of all, this is the team of United Russia, which has a long-term program of activities, including legislation. Secondly, this is the team of the Governor of the region, AG Tuleev, who also has a long-term program for the development of Kuzbass, which has been implemented for many years as a territory with a powerful multi-functional economy, as a territory convenient and comfortable for life. The laws necessary for such development of Kuzbass will be promoted at the federal level, regardless of the election to the State Duma. My current status, as well as many years of experience in local government and government bodies, gives me this opportunity. Therefore, the Council of People’s Deputies of the Kemerovo Region, from the beginning of its convocation, sent 10 legislative initiatives and 7 appeals from the Kemerovo Region to the State Duma. Many of them have already been accepted, some are under consideration. I will note one of the accepted. I consider it one of the most important. It allowed to significantly increase mining pensions. According to our appeals, amendments were made to federal laws on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of objects with mass stay of people, on increasing responsibility for crimes of a sexual nature committed against minors, on the social protection of workers in coal industry organizations and others.

In addition, we have built an effective system of interaction with local authorities. I think this is very important. After all, it is in the municipalities: cities, towns and villages that all laws are implemented in practice. Here both their strengths and weaknesses are immediately visible. We are constantly studying law enforcement practice and, relying on it, we formulate proposals for amending federal and regional laws. Therefore, our amendments are not sucked from the finger, they are dictated by real life. So it was, for example, with the problem of keeping dogs. Local governments today lack legal capacity to influence this problem. We need a federal law that will give the local authorities real leverage on citizens who cannot provide safe for others around their pets. In the meantime, a federal law has not been adopted, we intend to resolve this problem at the regional level by adopting the relevant law of the Kemerovo Region. We already have this experience when we adopted a regional law, which, in order to ensure the safety of children and teenagers, imposed a restriction on their stay without the supervision of parents in the evening and at night. Our law was supported by all regions of Russia, and then the corresponding federal law was passed. We also acted on the issue of prohibitions on the distribution of smoking mixtures, equating them to soft drugs. To make such effective interaction obligatory not only at the regional, but also at the federal level is one of our program objectives at these elections.

Hello, Nikolai Ivanovich!
I have several questions for you at once, on all issues the situation is not quite ordinary, but nonetheless.
1. In January 2010, our house was transferred to the management of Aztec +, LLC, which promised golden mountains, with unknown heights, there were no heights, it was only falls, and so powerful that shocked many residents. The company did not keep one of its promises, which was made before the conclusion of the contract. As soon as the contract was concluded, the company worked on it for two more weeks and stopped it. I have repeatedly written appeals to the site of the city administration, but no specific decisions have been taken, as well as appeals were repeatedly made to the governor of the region, Aman Gumirovich Tuleyev, but there were no solutions. As a result, in October of the same year the contract with this management company was terminated.
The crux of the matter: for all the time while we were serviced by this management company, I didn’t make a single penny for their "work", because there was no completed work on the veil, the provision of acts on the work done was not the same, and the company decided to contact a court with a claim in which the court found us, the people living in an apartment building guilty of not paying utility bills. I believe that they are not legitimate, since the work has not been done and, accordingly, payment for them cannot be. While the first notice came from the bailiffs, the executors of my mother, who is a disabled person of group II
there was a myocardial infarction, from which she lay in the hospital and is now forced to take expensive medications. About requests to cancel the lawsuit - the company headed by the general director refuses the cut. There is nothing left for me anymore how to firstly appeal to you for help, and secondly, write a counterclaim against the company.
Please advise that the main thing is how to be and do us.
2. This company, which now leads our house "Domovik - With" absolutely does not do anything. Plaster falls from the house, cinder blocks fall out, there are huge poplars that are not cut twice more than the house, are not cut, the electric transmission lines are not properly fixed, with any, even the slightest wind, they constantly create a fire hazard, namely from their movement and shaking occur short circuits in the transformer box. At the request of the company to begin to engage in their direct obzanosti - the company is silent and does nothing. In this company, I personally have 100% payment after the fact for everything !!!
Dear Nikolai Ivanovich, help on, for Christ's sake !!!
With hope and understanding, Shishkin Alexey Viktorovich.

Dear Alexey!

If you have entered into an agreement for the management of an apartment building, then according to the current housing legislation, you are obliged to pay utility costs in full and in a timely manner.In the event that the management company does not fulfill its duties, you had to fix in the established manner the absence of the provision of housing and communal services and require recalculation from the management company. In case of refusal by the management company to recalculate the fee, you are entitled to go to court.

To establish the fact that there is no provision of housing and utility services, you need to contact the State Housing Inspectorate of the Kemerovo Region in Novokuznetsk or the emergency dispatch service of the utility service provider.The State Housing Inspectorate, on the basis of the revealed facts of non-compliance with the requirements for the provision of housing and communal services, has the right to bring the management company to administrative responsibility.

In connection with the entry into force of changes to the housing legislation, at present you have the right to also apply to the local government body (Novokuznetsk City Administration) to conduct an audit of the management company. In the event that the management company fails to comply with the terms of the contract for managing an apartment building, local governments convene a general meeting of the owners of the apartment building to select a new management company.

Regarding the operation of electrical networks near your home, you need to know in whose area of ​​responsibility these networks are located. Either the management company is responsible for them, or the Novokuznetsk network company. This information can be obtained from your management company. If these networks are served by Novokuznetsk Electric Networks OJSC, you need to contact the emergency dispatching service of this organization.

Shmakova Valentina Ivanovna
Dear Nikolai Ivanovich!
Is it planned in the near future to adopt the law of the Kemerovo region on ensuring unhindered access of people with limited mobility to the objects of engineering, transport and social infrastructure?

Dear Valentina Ivanovna!

In the Kemerovo Region, the Kemerovo Region Law On Social Support for Persons with Disabilities is already in force, which establishes standards for ensuring the unhindered access of persons with disabilities to engineering, transport and social infrastructure facilities. Also, requirements for ensuring unhindered access are established at the federal level. During the construction of any new object, the project documentation of residential buildings, engineering, transport and social infrastructures should provide for measures to ensure unhindered access for people with disabilities to such objects.

In the Kemerovo Region, quite a lot of measures have been taken recently in this direction. Buildings of state authorities, local governments, shops, hospitals are already equipped with special devices, ramps, and this work will continue.

Dear Nikolai Ivanovich, in our region there is absolutely no opportunity for people over 50 to get a job. An irreparable, equal tragedy happened in my family. My husband lost his job. We have a daughter, a 3rd year student who studies excellently, applies for a “red diploma”, we pay a loan for the apartment of my elderly mother, we have another loan. The daughter was awarded the medal "Nadezhda Kuzbass", her husband was awarded the medal "For Faith and Goodness", I was awarded the medal "For a decent upbringing of children." But all the achievements and achievements of life are nothing compared with the figure of 52 years. All job offer ads are for people 25-35, a maximum of 40 years. What do peasants of your age who have obligations, life experience, education do, but as a shameful spot "AGE" ... If you imagine this problem for a second, you will understand that a hopeless situation has developed. Is there any help? Higher education, mountain.

Dear Lyudmila!

In order to get assistance in employment, I recommend your husband to contact the employment service in the community. The state governmental institution The Center for Employment of the Population of the City of Lenisk-Kuznetsky (hereinafter referred to as CZN) is located at the address: Tekstilshchikov Ave., 12, telephone 3-71-53.

When visiting the Central Hospital, you must have a passport, work record, documents confirming qualifications and education, a certificate of salary from the last place of work for the last three months, an application form for the provision of public services, which can be obtained and filled in the Information Center

I inform you that in order to assist in the employment of citizens experiencing difficulties in finding a job, to the category of which your husband belongs to because of their pre-retirement age, the Central Labor Unit organizes temporary work. Participation in paid temporary jobs will allow the husband to maintain income levels. In addition, with the assistance of the CZN, the husband may be provided financial assistance for the organization of his own business and organized vocational training in specialties demanded in the labor market.

In addition, I sent a letter to VV Bochkov, Chairman of the Leninsk-Kuznetsk City Council of People's Deputies. with a request to assist in solving your question. You need to contact the Leninsk-Kuznetsky City Council of People's Deputies (Leninsk-Kuznetsky, pr. Kirov, 56, tel.(384-56) 7-02-05)and make an appointment with the Chairman of the Board, Viktor Vladimirovich Bochkov.

I also inform you that the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo Region in the field of constant attention keeps the situation on the labor market in the region. At the height of the crisis (2009), the Kuzbass parliament made an important decision to co-finance the activities of the federal program for providing employment to the population. As a result, the Kemerovo Region received about 1 billion rubles from the federal budget to provide measures for the employment of citizens. Deputies went to the most problematic areas and enterprises to provide measures to reduce tension on employment, held meetings of relevant committees, deputy hearings. For example, in this way, together with the Administration of the Kemerovo Region, local governments, issues related to the crisis at the Kuzbaslelement plant in the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky in the summer of 2009 were resolved.


Dear Marina!

I regularly hold receptions of citizens on personal matters in my constituency number 17. In addition, eWeekly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you can contact my assistants in the cities of Tashtagol, Osinniki, Kaltan and the settlement of Kuzedeevo. Schedule of reception of citizens by assistants:

Also, anyone can contact me through the "Internet reception" of the official site of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo Region -

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