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Poddubny Sergey Anatolyevich

Sergey Anatolyevich

Poddubny Sergey Anatolyevich

Born on October 1, 1968 in the town of Osinniki, Kemerovo Region.

After school, he entered the mining department of the Kuzbass Polytechnic Institute, then served in the army.

On July 7, 1989, he suffered a spinal injury, and since that time he has moved only in a wheelchair.

In 1995 graduated with honors from Novokuznetsk boarding school for disabled people, having received two professions at once, a watchmaker and a radio mechanic. Two years later, he organized a private repair shop tele-video, audio and radio equipment in Osinniki.

At the same time, he became a professional table tennis player. Took part in all 6 Parasibiriads and always was in winners and prize-winners. In 1999 he participated for the first time in the Russian table tennis championship for the disabled, and immediately joined the national team. Repeated champion and medalist of the championships of Russia, international rating tournaments, a participant in the World and European Championships. In 2008, he fought to win the Paralympic Games in Beijing. Winner of the World Cup 2010 in Korea.

Sergei Anatolyevich pays great attention to the promotion of the sport of the disabled: he participates in motor rally, writes materials for the regional newspaper Invalid.

He was awarded the Order "Valor of Kuzbass" and other state and regional awards.

Honored Master of Sports of Russia in table tennis. Member of the Russian team since 1999. Grade 2 according to the international classification of table tennis among people with disabilities musculoskeletal apparatus.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • People with disabilities should become full members of society. For this you need not only to build ramps and do             special parking spaces. People whose capabilities are limited due to circumstances can do a lot             to achieve, bringing benefits not only to themselves, but also to society.
  • Separately, I want to note the importance of developing a disabled sport. Russian Paralympic athletes earn             highest awards at the Olympics and other prestigious competitions. I believe that the creation of conditions for development             sports for people with disabilities will help Kuzbass disabled people to achieve great success, will give             the opportunity to live actively and, perhaps, bring new victories to yourself and your region.

Question answer

Demyanchuk Olga Vladimirovna
Dear Sergey Anatolyevich, Demyanchuk Dmitry’s mother addresses you. My son in June of this year was seriously injured in an accident. Doctors saved his life. Now he needs rehabilitation, with which in the city of Kemerovo is very difficult. After the hospital, I had to take him alone to the city of Novokuznetsk to a rehabilitation center, because in our city he was denied both medical care and rehabilitation. In Novokuznetsk, he was assigned a disability group and a prosthesis was made. Now we are in Kemerovo. All that is necessary to him for IPR, we acquire ourselves, because on an ever bigger turn. He was given only a wheelchair (September 30), which broke down after a week. My son is only 22 years old, two days before the accident, he defended a diploma (he is not the cause of the accident), he does not have a head injury and no backbone injury. With good rehabilitation and high-quality prosthetics (complex prosthetics are required, because a very high amputation of the leg and many associated injuries) he can become a full-fledged member of society. Help me please! We ourselves can not achieve anything.
Demyanchuk Olga Vladimirovna
D.T. 53-86-56
S.t. 8-923-610-03-64

Dear Olga Vladimirovna!
On December 2, I will come to Kemerovo, and we will call you to arrange a meeting, where we will discuss what exactly can be done for your son.

Maria Vladimirovna
Dear Sergey Anatolyevich!
Tell me, please, are you a member of public organizations? If so, which ones?

I am a member of the All-Russian Popular Front and the All-Russian Society of Disabled People.

What are you planning to do in terms of Russia's signing an international convention on the rights of persons with disabilities?

Respected Igor!
The International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Russia has already been signed, but has not yet been ratified (this is scheduled for 2012), since you first need to run the “On Accessible Environment” program. It is for this program that it is necessary to work, first of all, because it includes a lot: education, employment, and the integration of people with disabilities into society.

For several years now, the editors of the newspaper Invalid and I personally have raised these questions with the administration of the region and the cities. Much has already been done, but there are enough problems - here we will solve them at various levels. And, most importantly, at the legislative level!

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