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Mikhalev Boris Vladimirovich

Boris Vladimirovich

Mikhalev Boris Vladimirovich

Born on January 3, 1960 inLeninsk-Kuznetsky Kemerovo region.

Since 1979, he worked in the coal industry. He started as an underground miner in the Komsomolets mine. In 1985 he moved to the mine named S.M. Kirov. He headed the cleaning team of plot number 2. Boris Vladimirovich proved himself to be a high-level professional, a talented leader and organizer of the labor process.

In October 2008B.V. Mihalev was elected deputy Leninsk-Kuznetsky city ​​council of people's deputies, deputy of the council of people's deputies of the Kemerovo region.

In December 2009, voters gave confidence to Boris Vladimirovich and elected him a deputy of the State Duma. 5th Convocation.

Member of the faction "United Russia". Member of the State Duma Committee on Regulations and Organization of the State Duma.

He has the title: "Honored Miner of Kuzbass", "Honorary Citizen of the Kemerovo Region", "Honorary Citizen of the city Leninsk-Kuznetsky Kemerovo Region ”,“ Hero of Kuzbass ”.

He was awarded the Order of Honor, the Order of Merit for the Fatherland Medal of the II degree, the Miner's Glory Badge of the III Degree, medals for special contribution to the development of the Kuzbass three degrees, other awards and insignia of the Kemerovo Region.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • Kuzbass built by simple workers. They also mine coal, work in chemical plants, pour steel. In many ways, thanks to these people, there is heat and light in the homes of Russians, the railway lines connect our huge country.
  • Every day, miners, machine builders, metallurgists and chemists work for their region. Their work is often dangerous, unfortunately, tragedies still occur. Therefore, I consider the main task to be increasing the level of safety at work. People must be 100% sure that despite the vagaries of nature or technology, they will return home alive and healthy. For this, it is necessary to stimulate not only the workers themselves, but also the owners of enterprises to strictly observe all safety rules.

Question answer

Dear Boris Vladimirovich! I want to ask you a question as a person competent in the political sphere. I am 18 years old. Six months ago I applied to the United Russia party. So far they have not accepted me to the party (now I’m probably a supporter), but I want to try myself as a public observer at the elections of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Is it possible for me to become an observer?
Answer: Dear Alexey!
We ask you to call United Russia’s Kemerovo office on the phone 45-23-13 at 45-23-13 and ask Anastasia.
Dear Boris Vladimirovich, they all talk a lot and everyone says that the Management Companies only get rich and do nothing for the tenants. And I would like to know what will be new if United Russia wins (and she wins is a fact) in the Legislation on combating malicious defaulters on maintenance and current repairs of the common property of the MKD and utilities? We are talking about those defaulters: 1. Owners who do not know where and about them it is impossible to find any information; 2. proprietors who do not work anywhere and this category of people does not have and never will have income - these are alcoholics; 3. Owners of abandoned apartments, which even no one saw? Why not solve such a question for you? This is very necessary for managing companies. After all, the debts of such owners are estimated in millions, even in small management companies. With respect, Nadezhda.
Answer: Dear Hope!
In your address you raised really important questions! If the December 4th Election is successful for our party, we will try to do everything to regulate the relations of management companies with citizens who are dishonest in their duties at the legislative level.
Zinaida Ivanovna
Dear Boris Vladimirovich!

* October 12, 2011 I, Yakovleva Zinaida Ivanovna, on behalf of homeowners at 51 Oktyabrsky Ave., Kemerovo appealed to you (to the site "Governor's Team") with a request in resolving the issue of releasing the director of Home Owners Association "My Home" Blago I.E. from a post that improperly performs its official duties, illegally uses the funds of homeowners of the house on Oktyabrsky Ave., 51 Kemerovo, as well as in resolving the issue of returning to the HOA Director Blago I.Ye. in the cash register of the homeowner association "My Home" of the missing funds belonging to the owners of the houses in the house - in the amount of 1.609.198.04 rubles.
* 13.10.2011 The answer came from you: “At the moment, an order has been given to the deputy of the city council of Kemerovo in your district, Baranov, Yevgeny Nikolayevich, to deal with the facts set forth in your message. As the situation becomes clearer, the necessary measures will be taken, about which you will be notified. ”
* 03.10.2011 The prosecutor's office of Kemerovo has already canceled the 3rd decree of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the city of Kemerovo VI Nitsuk. from September 28, 2011 about the refusal to initiate a criminal case on the facts of illegal actions on the part of the director of the HOA "My Home" Blago I.E. in the absence of corpus delicti (according to the complaint of the owners of the dwelling of this house dated 02.10.2011), this material was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kemerovo for the 4th additional verification - the verification period was set to 30 days (until 02.11.2011) and handed over for additional inspection - about / at the Orch Electric Library and the PC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kemerovo, A. Starokorov.
* At present (as of 09.11.2011) homeowners of a house in Oktyabrsky ave., 51, Kemerovo have not received any decision taken from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Kemerovo for this material, although the period for additional verification of this material in relation to Director of the HOA "My Home" Thank I.E.- has already expired on 02.11.2011.
* In addition, homeowners of the house at 51, Oktyabrsky Avenue, Kemerovo, found that the director of the Home Owners Association “My Home”, I. Ye. illegally (without permission of the Architecture Administration of the Kemerovo Administration and without the consent of all the owners of the dwelling of this house), she herself installed in common areas (staircase of a dwelling house) - * gratings, blocking apartment tenants (kv 125, kv.126, kv.127 ) from the elevator (7th entrance of the house); * pantry (2nd entrance of the house) on the landing of the 8th floor of the house.
* In addition, the owners of the dwelling houses of this house found that foreign citizens live in our house in Oktyabrsky Ave., 51, Kemerovo without registration (for example, in Kv.15, seven foreign citizens live without registration), which prevent them from living in this house homeowners (ap. 19). The owners of the dwelling of this house (square 19) have repeatedly appealed to the director of the Homeowner housing association “My Home”. with requests to bring order to the house on pr.Oktyabrsky, 51 Kemerovo on this issue. However, the director of the HOA "My Home" Blago I.Ye. does not take any measures to the data of foreign citizens living without registration in this house, citing that "this is not her problem."
We ask you to understand the current situation regarding these issues in relation to the director of the Homeowner housing association “My Home” Thank I.E., and inform us about the measures taken on our treatment. Thank you in advance.

09.11.2011 Yakovleva Zinaida Ivanovna
(Kemerovo, e-mail: [email protected])
on behalf of homeowners at 51, Oktyabrsky Ave.

Dear Zinaida Ivanovna!

I made a request to the State Housing Inspectorate of the Kemerovo Region, as a result of which I discovered violations of an administrative and financial nature on the part of the director of the housing association My House. At the moment, a deputy request has been sent to the Prosecutor of the Kemerovo Region with a request to check the activities of the directorate of the HOA and take the necessary measures. You will be notified of the results by email.

Boris Vladimirovich, why is United Russia all the same? You have been living under socialism for almost 30 years. It would seem that the Communist Party you should be closer in spirit.

You see, I am not against socialism, not against the Communists. I think that system, that great country has given us all a lot. But let's be honest, does the current top of the Communist Party resemble the party in which our parents and our grandparents were? I believe that the current leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation simply speculates on people's nostalgic feelings, while they themselves have long ago renounced the ideas of communism.

Now for United Russia. In my opinion, "United Russia" is not just a party of power, it is a real force that today maintains stability in the country. Yes, unfortunately, in the “United Russia” there are careerists, bureaucrats, and “dishonest”. As an everywhere. But still, the main thing is that this is the only party of concrete, real affairs.

Boris Vladimirovich, you invite people to the public reception at Nogradskaya 7, and in the courtyard of this building the road is in terrible condition. Directly, so to speak, under the windows of the regional branch of the party.

Also at the entrance to the courtyard in the spring a large pit, which, after a few of my appeals, someone fell asleep with rubble, which is, frankly, not bad.

Can you help repair this road and expand parking in the courtyard at this address? Considering that your office staff leaves their cars there.

Dear Ilya!

I invite you to a meeting on October 25 at 14 o'clock at the address Sovetsky 63 kab.203 for a discussion on your question.

Lyudmila Marenovna
Good afternoon, Boris Vladimirovich! Will you conduct a reception at a public reception in Leninsk-Kuznetsk? And is it possible to get on it?

Dear Lyudmila Marenovna! Reception in Leninsk-Kuznetsk will be held in late October, about which will be pre-posted announcement in the city newspaper. All are welcome.

Where is your election program?

I am a member of the United Russia political party, whose election program was adopted at the 12th congress and published in the media. The main content of my program is to protect the interests of the working person and, above all, of the coal industry workers.

Zybin Vladimir Danilovich
Boris Vladimirovich, I am a worker who has a lot of experience on working problems. Is it possible to meet with you, PERSONALLY, to organize an OPEN conversation on OUR problems? There are a lot of problems in two decades that need to be solved with the direct participation of the indifferent workers themselves. opportunity to ask you a question.
Answer: Dear Vladimir Danilovich!

I invite you to a personal meeting on October 12 at 11:00. The meeting will be held in the public reception party "United Russia" at the address: Kemerovo, ul. Nogradskaya, 7.
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