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Mashkov Vladimir Lvovich

Born November 27, 1963 in Tula. His parents worked in the puppet theater, and Vladimir Lvovich decided to continue the family dynasty, having entered in 1984studio school Moscow Art Theater, served as a decorator in the branch of the theater, where he met withO. P. Tabakov and began to engage in his workshop.

After graduation studio schools served as an actor of the Moscow Art Theater named A.P. Chekhov. Since 1990 - actor and since 1992 - director of the Theater n / aOleg Tabakov. In the movie he made his debut as an actor in 1989. The actor became a star for the year 1994, when he played the main roles in the films of young Russian directors, which marked a new stage in the national cinema: in Limit by Denis Evstigneev and in Moscow Evenings by Valery Todorovsky. One of the most notable works by Vladimir Mashkov was the role of Pavel Chukhrai’s The Thief in the Oscar which was put forward on Oscar, which was released in 1997.

Also in 1997, Vladimir Mashkov staged his first film, Kazan Orphan.

He starred in more than 40 films. Awarded the following contests and awards: The Seagull Theater Award, Window to Europe Film Festival - Best Actor Award, Moscow Film Festival 2001 - Silver George for Best Actor, Kinoshok Festival - Award for Best Actor , awards "Golden Aries", "Nika", "Taffy", "Golden Eagle" and many others.

Vladimir Lvovich - People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • Kemerovo region is a unique multinational region in which the cultures of different nations are united and peacefully coexist. Supporting and preserving this unique cultural system is one of our top priorities.
  • I believe that the development of culture contributes to the revitalization of the spiritual life of society, the creation of a special microclimate in which a person grows up to be a strong creative person, able to think outside the box and act.
  • The construction of new rural clubs, support for theaters, libraries, folk art is the most important task that the United Russia party is helping to solve.

Question answer

Hello, Vladimir Lvovich! Do I have the opportunity to contact you by phone, I have a question is it possible for a young guy without connections to try himself as an Actor, and what do you need for this ?. Thank you, I think you can give me a little attention and time.

Hello, Alexey! In order to work as an actor of the theater, communications are not needed, but an acting talent and, of course, special education are needed. Go to the drama school or university, learn acting, and I am sure that the doors of the theater will be open to YOU. If you want to give people a piece of your soul through creativity, then you will succeed. Good luck!

Basalaeva Irina Petrovna
Dear Vladimir Lvovich!
They will never come to Novokuznetsk to make a film about Dostoevsky - because the historical architecture has practically not been preserved in the city. For many years, the Dostoevsky Literary and Memorial Museum has been trying to solve the problem of arranging at least the road to the museum - so far without success, although the local intelligentsia has also been discussing the more global reconstruction project for the historical part of Kuznetsk around the memorial house.
Meanwhile, both of these projects could be solved as part of a large-scale training program for Novokuznetsk for the 400th anniversary in 2018.
Can the organizing committee to prepare for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the city hope for your help in solving these problems of the historic city?

Dear Irina Petrovna!

In solving the problems you indicated, joint efforts are needed at all levels of government and the public. If there is a project, an approved estimated cost and a list of works, it is possible to promote this program to the federal budget. For this, the petition of the Head of the City and the City Council of the People's Deputies is necessary Thank you for your caring and civic engagement.

Vladimir Lvovich, will you support the manifestations of modern art in Kemerovo? Do the city need new cultural events and how do you feel about the projects "Cultural Environment", "Night at the Museum", "Festival of Festivals"?

Dear Andrew!

I think these are awesome, bright and socially significant projects! The city of Kemerovo and the Kemerovo region should become platforms for the development of modern art. I especially want to draw attention to the theaters. They should be productions of modern playwrights, the work of young directors. Modern art is always an experiment, which means new ideas and a new creative life.

Dear Vladimir Lvovich! Your attitude to museums? And does a small, municipal museum need government support?

Dear Dmitry!

For me, a museum is a place where our cultural and historical heritage is kept. The museum keeps our past, present and shapes the future. I believe that at the moment state support is simply necessary for municipal museums, since this is our national treasure.
Vladimir Lvovich, my fellow enthusiasts and I are now engaged in the creation of a plastic theater in the city of Kemerovo. When you become a deputy, and you will definitely become one, since you are very impressed with us and we intend to vote for you, if you can give us any support in promoting or financing. We really like to do theater, but I would like to receive some money for it. The question is: will there be support for private, semi-professional theaters? And how can this support be obtained?

Good afternoon, Igor! Thank you for the kind words addressed to me! Today the grant form of support for amateur creative teams is very common. Participation in competitions for grants provides an opportunity to receive funds for development. Today, our task is to develop this form of support by increasing the number of grants aimed at the development of both the teams themselves and individual performers.

please tell us what relation you have to the Kemerovo region.

Dear Sergey!

I was born in Tula, but I consider Kuzbass to be my Motherland. In the mid-1960s, my family moved to Novokuznetsk. Mom got a job as a director in the Novokuznetsk puppet theater, and her father was a leading actor. To Novokuznetsk, I owe my creative energy, my love for the theater, my Siberian persistence of character before life circumstances. Here, at the age of 14, he first appeared on the stage of a puppet theater, where his parents worked, went on tour through pioneer camps.The cultural life of Kuzbass is close and clear to me. And I am sure that together we will be able to fill it with new ideas of theatrical creativity, to realize cultural projects that are significant for the inhabitants of the region.Galina

Vladimir Lvovich, good day! Tell me how you feel about the problem of drug addiction and have you ever used any illegal drugs?
Dear Galina!

I believe that drug addiction is the most dangerous social evil that affects young and healthy people, making them sick people with no future. The business of every citizen of our country is to pay attention to this ailment and try to protect from those who are near, those who need our support and protection. These are, above all, our children.

On how we will be attentive to children problems and concerns

depends not only the future of our family, but also the whole country. I myself am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.Your question:Contact InformationYour nameemail

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