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Fedyaev Pavel Mikhailovich

Pavel Mikhailovich

Fedyaev Pavel Mikhailovich

He was born on July 31, 1982 in the city of Kemerovo.

In 1999 he entered the economics department of the Kuzbass State Technical University, and graduated in 2004 with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management (in the mining industry).

He began his work biography in the summer of 2003 as a student of a rider on the “Chernigovets” mine.

From October 2003 to 2005 he worked as an economist, financier inZAO «Chernigovec».

In 2005–2008, he worked at ZAO HC SDS in Kemerovo and at the Moscow representative office of the holding.

In 2008–2011 - General Director of the Trading House «SDS-Alko».

Under the leadership of Pavel Mikhailovich developed a strategy for the creation and development of a trading network «SDS-Market», which today includes more than 50 stores and provincial markets in the cities of Kuzbass, Altai and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Since July 2011 - vice president The holding company "Siberian Business Union" on social policy, it is entrusted to coordinate the participation of labor collectives, councils of veterans, councils of young professionals and other public associations working with the support of enterprises of the Holding in the public life of regions and cities.

Fluent in English.

Awarded the regional medal "For Faith and Good."

Married, has a daughter and a son.

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • We need to continue to develop a system of social elevators across the region and the country.
  • Youth should be open road to politics and business.

Question answer

Dear Pavel Mikhailovich! I am sure of your victory in the elections! I have been following your work with interest for two years: first, on the implementation of the SDS Market project, after - on the development of unique social projects of the Holding Company. I sincerely admire the scale of your activity and a huge personal contribution to the development of Kuzbass and the Siberian region as a whole. What you and your team are doing is always timely, thoughtful, creative. Listening to your performances in the media, people understand that you are a politician of a new formation: smart, talented, completely devoid of populism and narcissism. I really want to work in a team of just such a manager in the direction of the development of the social projects of HC VTS and I ask you to assist me in this. Since 2008 I work in one of the major Russian banks, but I do not consider this my vocation. She was awarded the medal "For Faith and Good," and I am the owner of GRANT KO Governor to support socially significant projects. I think you need like-minded people in your work. I wish you victory in the elections! All my friends and relatives will vote for you!

Dear Natalia!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the words of support. At the moment we have enough plans, the implementation of which requires the energy of the young, we need like-minded people, so it is quite possible that we will work together with you over the implementation of social projects that are significant for Kuzbass and Russia.

Thanks for the mobilization of voters, I also believe that the deputies will be more responsible if the majority of citizens express support for them. In addition, the legislation is such that the more voters take part in the elections, the higher the chances of the Kuzbass to receive more deputy mandates.

Hello, Pavel Mikhailovich! I appeal to you for advice on the legality of the refusal to register as a member of the council of veterans of the company Elektroprom LLC in Prokopyevsk of my mother, since it is you who coordinate the social policy issues of HC SDS and, in particular, the work of councils of veterans of Holding Mom worked at the Elektromashina plant from 02.1965 to 08.1994. those. almost 30 years! And in August 1994, she would not have left the enterprise, which had become native during the years of work, if it had not been for the total reduction in workplaces at that time! By transfer, she retired to a company located in the same plant - Aurot Aurora, from which she retired, which turned out to be the main reason for the refusal of the Chairman of the Board of Veterans to register her mother. When I asked about the existence of such precedents, the chairman replied that she had consulted with her supervisor from Kemerovo, to which he replied, "CDS-Mash is not sunshine, she will not be able to warm everyone who wishes!" Now, if my mother had worked not for 30 years, but for 2 days, but had retired from Elektromashina, the question would have been resolved positively! So maybe it is not worth it all under one size, but somehow it is somehow not the social policy of the enterprise, but it smacks of mouse fuss in legal formalities! In the workbook in the section on information on rewards and awards, among the diplomas, commendations, awards for performance offers, 2 medals, there is a record: "For many years of impeccable work, assign the title of Personnel Worker." "Personnel worker" means possible, and a veteran of the enterprise ??? Now mom is 71, she has a whole “bunch” of diseases, received in her native enterprise, because all these years she worked as a setup man on automatic machines, and at the highest category, and she don’t need much now ... a little bit of attention and postcard on the Day of machine builder ... Not humanly somehow !!! Or maybe I'm wrong!?

Dear Elena, thank you for your letter! You identified a really important problem. When we created the Councils of Veterans and determined the list of possible support for them, we had to establish a certain framework - who should be considered a veteran of the enterprise? We stopped at the fact that those who retired from this company are considered veterans.

In principle, this is the right position, stimulating loyalty to their work collective. But in relation to your mother, it seems to me that this is not entirely fair. Indeed, in the 1990s, when tough economic reforms were carried out, the fate of many people was severely tested, and the usual norms and rules collapsed.

I am sure that your question will be resolved positively. And besides, I will propose to the Council of Veterans to amend our Regulation, which should be considered a veteran of an enterprise, and those who have worked in an enterprise, for example, 25 years old, but did not finish it until retirement age, did not retire from our enterprise due to objective circumstances beyond the control of the employee - downsizing, stopping production, etc.

Congratulate your mother on the coming Mother's Day. I wish her health, well-being, happiness!

Hello Pavel Mikhailovich! I support Olga in her question, the fact is that we live in the Pravoberezhny residential complex, which does not have a kindergarten (except for the Orthodox children's center). there are no places in the surrounding gardens, we are already in the queue by age for 150 ... (based on the fact that they take only 25 people). there are no places in the Orthodox kindergarten either ... is there any possibility of building a kindergarten in our school, since we are not the only ones

Indeed, the problem is the most acute, therefore, the United Russia party is making every effort both to build new kindergarten buildings and to return buildings where kindergartens were traditionally located, but were subsequently redeveloped. The task is set for young families to give birth to children without fear that the child will not have enough space in the kindergarten. And we will solve this problem in a matter of years. More difficult for those who need a kindergarten today. At your request, I turned to the administration of the city of Kemerovo and gave me this answer in the Department of Social and Information Policy: “In the mine area in December 2011, a kindergarten is planned to open in the village of Borovoy for 110 places. The construction of a kindergarten with a pool of 220 places in the built-up part of the microdistrict No. 11 has begun, the expected completion date of construction is Q3 2012. In 2012, it is planned to commission a kindergarten in the village of Petrovsky for 70 places, a kindergarten on Antipova Street, 7a for 100 places. ” This is the immediate prospect, maybe one of the four options will help solve your problem.

Hello, Pavel Mikhailovich, my husband and I, who have been working for SDS for 7 years, are concerned about the housing problem. It became known from the media that 100 houses are planned by SDS in Kiselevsk. Where do we need to turn to get on queue and is it possible to get an interest-free loan?

Indeed, our company plans to expand the construction of housing in Kiselevsk, but not everything is so simple. Now we are preparing to move into the cottage settlement Gornyak, but even here we were limited in our abilities - issues concerning the engineering networks are difficult to solve. In this case, built houses as much as it was possible to bring heat.

However, all problems are finally solved, so we will definitely continue to build in Kiselevsk. It is not clear from the letter what enterprise does your husband work at? If on the Kiselevsky open-pit mine, let him make an appointment for personal matters with the general director Alexey Vladimirovich Tikhonsky. Or to the director of the company where he has been working for 7 years. Understand, we in the holding do not have a queue for housing. These issues are resolved in the enterprise. And by the decision of the president of HC SDS, the directors of enterprises were granted the right to provide preferential terms for solving housing issues to the best employees.

Hello Pavel Mikhailovich! I am married, I bring up a son at the age of 2 years, I work at one of the enterprises of HC SDS. My son has had some health problems since his birth. Can I, as an employee of such an influential holding company, rely on free financial assistance for expensive treating a son.

Hello Andrey!

By the order of the President of the holding, the heads of the enterprises are obliged to conduct the reception of employees on personal matters; for this purpose, days and hours of reception must be appointed. Sign up for a personal reception with your director, state your problem, and he will forward your message with his cover letter to the president of HC HCS. I think that your question can be resolved positively.

Denis Novohatsky
Pavel Mikhailovich, in one of your interviews you stated that you are interested in the problems of youth. Today, not a small number of young motorists are interested in building a ring race track, where it will be possible to hold competitions of all levels, as well as open track days, where anyone can check their cars. A vivid example is the Krasnoyarsk "Red Ring". Is it possible the appearance of such a route in the Kuzbass? After all, this will reduce the danger of danger in cities, since motorists will have a special place for racing, this is a serious step in the development of motor racing in the region, and it can also attract investment in the automotive industry.

The appearance of such a route is possible if there is an investor. I don’t see myself and my colleagues in this role, there are more interesting and vital projects. Personally, I do not consider this problem a priority, I believe that, first, the roads in our cities should be made normal, and especially in the courtyards! Therefore, "United Russia" is doing everything so that, for example, in Kemerovo, a party project on landscaping is carried out -this year more than 100 yards were reconstructed and repaired.

As for the "Red Ring", then, perhaps, you can get together a youth company and go there to drive, to take the soul. Krasnoyarsk is not Voronezh and not Kiev, very close. It's great that there is such a route in Siberia! We are already lucky.

Hello, Pavel Mikhailovich! Do I have the opportunity to meet with you in person, I am interested in a question on the kindergarten in the Residential Complex, which was built by the HC VTS, I suppose you are competent to answer my question. Thank you, I think you can give me a little attention and time to meet.

We have more than one residential complex, so I can’t understand what we are talking about - Right Bank or Golden Domes? I would like to understand what interests you? If you want to decide on the child’s placement in our preschool institution, if you have suggestions on our institutions, then you should first talk to Ekaterina Valerevna Fedorova, director of the Center for Orthodox preschool institutions. Phone 660-740. I will definitely ask her how your conversation ended and about the essence of the proposal. Unfortunately, I practically have no time for a personal meeting. Actually, therefore, this site is open.

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