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Alekseeva Tatyana Olegovna

Tatyana Olegovna

Alekseeva Tatyana Olegovna

Born on December 16, 1962 in Kemerovo. In 1985, she graduated from Kemerovo State University with a degree in English Language and Literature. She worked as an English teacher, senior engineer, bureau chief.

In 1992 it was decided to establish the Kuzbass commercial and industrial Chamber, headed by Tatyana O.

Non-governmental non-profit organization "Kuzbass commercial and industrial Chamber "is the largest regional commercial and industrial Chamber beyond the Urals.

Tatyana Alekseeva initiated the creation of a program to support and develop entrepreneurship in Kemerovo. As a result, systems were created business education, business consulting and microlending of small and medium businesses.

Tatyana Olegovna was awarded the prize of the Support Fund socio-economic Kuzbass development them. M.Volkov “For a special contribution tosocio-economic and cultural development of Kuzbass "in the nomination" The best leader - a woman. "

Tasks and goals of the candidate

  • The development of small business is the key to the stability of the economy and its resilience to global financial crises. In Kuzbass, we do a lot to make people interested in self-employment in order to start their own business was easy. This approach yields results - the number of entrepreneurs is steadily growing.
  • I believe that this work should be continued, at the federal level, solving the problems faced by small businesses.

Question answer

Dear Tatyana Olegovna! The individual entrepreneur, Kazakova Irina Valentinovna, is addressing you very profitable, because prices grow catastrophically fast. The decision on the formation of their peasant economy came with experience and years. In the Prokopievsky district, the number of large and small horned livestock decreases from year to year, as it is kept - loss of business due to high prices for grain and hay. But my family and I are not accustomed to difficulties, and we love to work. We live in the private sector on the outskirts of the city near the forest, there is a lot of place for grazing. There are cows, the milk goes to "cheers." Breeding, highly bred cows are not a little, a poet She applied for help to the city administration, to the reception room of AG Tuleev, but was refused. Although, last year she was awarded the Regional Medal for “Faith and Good” for her labor activity. It’s ready to provide a detailed business plan. It’s a pity work, create new jobs do not find support, and in fact in our city (not in the region) we do not have a single farm. I appeal to you as a future deputy for support because in the past I am just like you are a teacher, but life has decided to be a farmer, and about this I do not regret: to each svoy.I party slogan: "The word does not disagree with the case," gives hope for a better future! Regards Irina Valentinovna.

Dear Irina Valentinovna!

To talk about the problem indicated in your request, I invite you to meet with the deputy head of Prokopyevsk on business, trade and consumer market Yu.V. Khokhlov (Yury Vladimirovich).

The meeting will be held on December 1, 2011 in the administration of Prokopyevsk,at 12 a.m.

Galina Mikhailovna
Dear Tatiana Olegovna. Having privately owned land of 6.5 hectares in Novokuznetsk district, s.Yurievka. I have a proposal for the development of these lands in terms of breeding poultry, livestock, as well as processing into semi-finished products. In this regard, jobs will open, which will allow our region to receive environmentally friendly products. If you are interested in my offer, please call tel. 89609329267 (Galina Mikhailovna) or answer.

Dear Galina Mikhailovna!

To discuss your proposals, I invite you to meet with the deputy head of the Novokuznetsk district Yevgeny Alexandrovich Manusin.

The meeting will be held on October 17 at 14.00, at the address: Novokuznetsk, ul. Sechenov, 25, office 26.
Sincerely, T.O. Alekseeva

Nikolay Vasilievich
Dear Tatiana Olegovna! In the city of Prokopyevsk, 6 months ago, a fish processing enterprise was closed, employing more than 200 people. The company is for sale. For 6 months, potential buyers came, looked, but no one bought. The company supplied Prokopyevsk, Kiselevsk, Prokopyevsky district and other territories of the region with products. I have proposals for the revival of the enterprise, the return of specialists. Manufacturers from Altai, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and other regions enter the Kuzbass market with prices for products much higher than Kemerovo. I can come to you with the necessary documents and specific proposals. It would be a great gift to the city and the region.

Dear Nikolai Vasilievich, we are ready to meet and discuss your proposals regarding the enterprise. To implement a preliminary meeting, please call 58-77-64.

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