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Dear voters!

On this site you can familiarize yourself with the biography of candidates for deputies of the State Duma from the Kemerovo region and the main tasks that they set for themselves.

The team of the governor - ten people who are included in the list of the party "United Russia" from the Kemerovo region. If they win the election, it is these people who will defend the interests of the Kemerovo Region and its inhabitants in the legislative assembly.

The larger the party, the more responsible the role of its elected, so the opinion of voters is so important for them. You have a unique opportunity to participate in the work of a candidate, to express your suggestions to him, to make a mandate or to ask an interesting question.

Latest news

  • 06.12.2011 Action "Thank you for your support!"
  • 02.12.2011 You can follow the voting process on the website of the regional administration (
  • 01.12.2011 Pavel Fedyaev will hand over rehabilitation equipment to handicapped children

Action "Thank you for your support!"

Today, December 6th, the Regional Branch of the Party "UNITED RUSSIA" organizes a campaign “Thank you for your support!”, timed to the end of the election campaign.

As part of the action with 16.00 to 17.00 volunteers "UNITED RUSSIA" and "Young Guard" will hold a rally in the largest shopping centers of the city. The guys will hand Kuzbass pocket calendars with words of gratitude. The action will be held in shopping centers:

Promenade 1 (eg Lenina, 90/1),

Promenade 2 (Chemists Avenue, 39)

Promenade 3 (Lenin, 59A),

Greenwich (Molodyozhny Pr., 2).

In TRK "I" (Kuznetsky pr., 33к1), the event will begin at 16.00. Here, in

the event will be attended by the Secretary of the Regional Office of the Party "UNITED RUSSIA" Nina Zinkevich.

You can follow the voting process on the website of the regional administration (

On December 4, the press service of the regional administration will tell you how voting takes place in the cities and districts of the region, what the turnout is, what program is prepared for voters at the polling stations. In addition, the elections will be covered on television and radio channels of the Kuzbass State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

The TV news will be shown at 8.30 (Gubernsky Canal - STS), 9.20 and 13.20 (both - Russia-1), 16.00 (Gubernsky Canal - STS), 18.00 and 00.00 (both - Russia-24). GTRK "Kuzbass" on election day organizes the work of all its bureaucrats in the region. Radio journalists are preparing special news bulletins, which will include reports from polling stations in cities and districts, direct inclusions from the oblast election commission and the first election results.

Operational information will be heard on the air of three radio stations: on Radio Russia - Kuzbass (frequency in Kemerovo 66.5 VHF MHz) at 11.10, 13.10, 22.10; on the Mayak-Kuzbass radio station (Kemerovo 102.3 FM, Novokuznetsk 103 FM) - 15.50, 20.50 and on the Kuzbass FM radio station - 11.10, 13.10, 16.00, 21.00.

Pavel Fedyaev will hand over rehabilitation equipment to handicapped children

On December 2, a solemn event will take place in Prokopyevsk, in which deputy governor Elena Leonidovna Rudneva and candidate for deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, vice president for social policy and youth affairs of HC SDS Fedyaev Pavel Mikhailovich will take part. Rehabilitation equipment is designed for children with disabilities from Kiselevsk, Prokopyevsk and Prokopyevsky district. This action was organized by agreement of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region A.G. Tuleev and ZAO HC "Siberian Business Union".

Total gifts will receive 47 guys. Among them, children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, who will be given 3 strollers, children with visual impairment will receive 6 tyflofleshlerov, and children with hearing impairments will be presented with 38 e-books.

Amman Gumirovic